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Major Features and benefits

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Fully Integrated System

 RemitTrac® is a truly integrated system, providing a single source for reporting, deposit, and delivery for transaction documents of any shape or size in a mixed workflow environment. 

You can process ANY incoming payment on the same database, service and workstation without having to reboot or restart.  This includes premiums; healthcare EOBs; donations; subscriptions; consumer remittances; and retail, wholesale, and wholetail lockboxes. 

The system is able to work in either a remote capture or centralized processing mode. With remote capture, known as our Remote Lockbox application, payment transactions are scanned and captured on a low-cost device at the first point of interaction with your organization (e.g. at a branch office).

Processing is then handled at your or an outsourced “expert center,” where staff are experienced in handling exceptions and are fully familiar with all policies and procedures.  With centralized processing, all payment transactions are routed to a selected site and high volume document scanners are used.  Not sure which option is best for you? We’ll help you make the right choice.

Technical Advantages

RemitTrac® takes full advantage of Microsoft Windows .NET environment and Active Directory services. RemitTrac® employs dual-layer security model, and RSA 512-bit encryption. As a true client-server application, all RemitTrac® application programs reside solely on the server; no application programs reside on any workstation. This way you have full control over the process and all the data. 

Ease of Setup

At the base of RemitTrac®’s streamlined workflow is a comprehensive setup module.  The account decision-making process can be easily established using our point-and-click interface – no technical or programming expertise required. From there, the process is automatically controlled by the system. 

Ease of Use

Through clear setup options such as balancing criteria, data verification options, and calendar-based instructions, operators are left free to concentrate on the immediate processing task at hand with minimal training. RemitTrac® is designed to put you – not your operator – in control. It’s intuitive and effortless for the operator to use, making training fast and easy.

High-Speed, True-Image Workflow

Items are processed in an automated high-speed workflow environment, leveraging the high capacity and investment in the transport and using the workstations, instead of the transport, for all required processing such as key-entry, correction, balancing, and data entry.

Transport Flexibility

RemitTrac® is transport-independent, allowing multiple transport types to co-exist in the same system. ImageScan lets you select a transport that best fits the type of document and volume processed. The mixed-size document transports are ideal for transactions with non-coupon size supporting documents. The low-speed transport alternative is an optimum fit for a low-volume operation, a remote site, and as a backup.

Transaction Integrity

Through mixed-size document transports, the complete transaction, regardless of document type and size, is scanned as a complete unit.  A continuous stream, processed on the same transport, minimizes possible document loss, mismatch, or other errors.  The images and related data can then be delivered securely to the customer as a cohesive package.

Designed for Remote Document Image Capture

Desktop document scanners can be installed at point of first contact with the payment documents.  The documents are scanned, data extracted, and payment processed from any location. This maximizes efficiencies, and speeds cash availability, while at the same time allowing you full control over the process and enforcement of corporate policies.