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PROFESSIONAL Services and support

find out why we have excellent customer satisfaction

Professional Services

ImageScan has a staff of highly trained professionals who are ready to work with you on a customized, end-to-end solution for all your payment processing needs. They’ll design your payment processing environment, workflow, decision rules and then expertly train your staff as part of the implementation plan. 

Customer Service and Support

We also have a very experienced team of customer support staff dedicated to ensuring that you get answers to your questions in a comprehensive and timely manner. ImageScan has an unprecedented commitment to customer service and support. The “Proven Path” in customer support and installation program includes several options in telephone support, remote dial-in access, a computerized call-tracking system, a dedicated quality assurance group, comprehensive documentation, and a “Customers Only” website.

Installation, Training and Conversion:

Project Management Approach

In order to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction, ImageScan utilizes both a project management and a team approach to installation, training and conversion. The account’s sales manager, the account’s project manager, the installation team, and the training team collectively coordinate all project tasks.

Installation Guide

This project management tool is site-customized, and consists of sixteen chapters detailing the projected timeline, all the activities required by the installing site, ImageScan, and the chosen hardware vendor, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions. The Installation Guide ensures coordination of activities between the various parties for a structured, successful installation and conversion.


ImageScan’s approach, the train-the-trainer concept, is proven to quickly allow operational autonomy within the newly installed site. ImageScan provides in-depth training in the following areas: setups, data entry, output, and workflow.


Conversion assistance is provided as part of ImageScan’s installation services. The project team assists in developing a conversion plan, a test plan, and an implementation schedule. Additional on-site support for initial live production is also provided.

Post Installation Support

As part of ImageScan’s continuous commitment to support excellence, members of the project team revisit newly installed sites to provide input on the deployed workflow and to provide retraining and clarifications, if necessary.

On-Going Support:

Customer Support Professionals

This team’s sole function is to install, train and support customers. Their backgrounds, strong in industry and technical knowledge, represent years of experience in programming, bank operations, workflow management, network administration and hardware engineering. A project manager is assigned to coordinate the successful launch and on-going operation at each site.

Help Desk

Expert help desk personnel are available during normal business hours from 8:30 a.m. EST until 5:30 p.m. EST. As an option, support is available via a 7 X 24 hotline for an additional annual charge. As stated above, a project manager is assigned to each site. These managers, along with the help desk staff are the first point of contact for operational, and technical questions and problem resolution.

Remote Access

If an issue cannot be resolved over the telephone, remote dial-in access is available. With the site’s permission, the support team will run remote diagnostic tests to troubleshoot and correct problems as quickly as possible.

Escalation Procedures

When ImageScan receives a support call, a help desk team member handles the call immediately. If the help desk team member cannot immediately solve the issue at hand, the call is escalated to request additional support from a tier two resource to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The account’s project manager and sales manager are immediately notified as well.

Call Tracking

Our help desk personnel and support staff utilize a leading software product geared towards customer service management. All support calls are logged and tracked until the issue is resolved. The project manager reviews all open and closed calls with each of his/her sites on a regular and scheduled basis. This excellent automated system ensures that all reported bugs are documented and tracked until they are resolved.

Status Meetings

Customer service status meetings are held every Monday morning. The support team, as well as members of the quality assurance, development and sales departments attend this meeting. All aspects of customer service are discussed including calls from the prior week, programming changes, testing, training, etc. to ensure coordination of activities between the various departments.

Testing, Documentation and Releases

Test System

As part of ImageScan’s standard installation plan, a test system is installed on the customer’s server. This test system is used to test new RemitTrac releases, perform testing of new accounts, and provide training capabilities for new operators. The test system is independent from the production system and provides a separation of the production and test environments.

Formal Documentation

ImageScan constantly reviews and improves its documentation, based both upon customer recommendations and new features and functions that have been added. All documentation is made available for you to keep at the time of initial installation, including specific training coursework documentation, and as each new release is published. In addition, our documentation is available on-line or in a context sensitive manner or reference form from within the application itself. Additional documentation includes a complete training guide, and a technical specification manual. ImageScan’s technical writers hold regular weekly meetings with the Development, Quality Assurance, and Professional Services staff to review and improve newly written documentation.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance staff thoroughly tests all new software releases prior to on-site beta testing. Their backgrounds are strong in industry and technical knowledge, representing years of experience in programming, support, and bank operations. The Quality Assurance Department at ImageScan’s headquarters has the following equipment available for testing purposes: IBML, NCR 7780, NCR iTran 8000, Kleindienst 60H, flat bed scanners, two networks, and many workstations.


ImageScan typically releases general versions of the RemitTrac software three times a year. Upgrades to the software, containing minor fixes, may be issued as many as six times a year. All releases are available at no additional charge to the customer and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All releases are cumulative
  • Each upgrade consumes four months of testing
  • ImageScan’s Quality Assurance Department thoroughly tests each module’s components the first two months
  • Full release testing (including a volume test) is performed during the third month
  • An ImageScan customer beta tests the new version during the fourth month
  • Every upgrade contains a full content listing. The release notes cover bug fixes, enhancements to the product and any critical information the customer may require prior to installing the new release

“Customers Only” Web site

ImageScan provides a “Customers Only” web site section to keep customers up to date with the latest news and product direction. Existing customers can obtain customer shared production information, review new release information including supporting documentation, browse user group meeting minutes, and access technical notes.

User Group

Annual User Group Meeting

ImageScan supports a customer-managed users group. Successful user conference meetings have been held every year since 1993. The general purpose of the 2-3 day conference is to foster discussion of the system optimization, problems, workflow enhancements and future product plans.

Bi-Monthly Conference Calls

Representatives of the users meet bimonthly via teleconference to keep current with ImageScan’s news and latest product offerings and direction.

Voting Ballot

The RemitTrac users, prospects, ImageScan support, and ImageScan development suggest enhancements and recommendations for new releases. ImageScan issues a feature/enhancement voting ballot once a year to every customer to help guide product direction.

IMAGESCAN and your business

If you need a dedicated and expert professional services team to help design and configure your transaction processing solution for your business and then to train your staff, please contact us. Our experienced staff can assist in the design and implementation of a RemitTrac® solution for any of the following industries

  • Financial Institutions Offering Lockbox Services
  • Healthcare for EOB Processing
  • Insurance
  • Fulfillment for Subscriptions or Mail Order
  • Utilities –Electric, Gas, Wireless, Cable, Telephone
  • Non-Profits
  • Tax Processing (Federal, State or Local)
  • High Volume Corporate Accounts Receivable Processing

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