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Decisioning Module


Any transaction-processing operation encounters situations requiring its end-user customers to make judgment calls. But how do you get these decisions made without costly, time-consuming delays in processing? That’s where ImageScan’s Decisioning comes in.

Decisioning is a key module of RemitTrac®, ImageScan’s industry-leading processing platform, that allows the end customer to make the final call on whether or not an item should be paid or processed — online, in real time. Using Decisioning, every end customer makes his or her own decisions and applies his or her own business rules and formulas to items that require their input. In addition, using Decisioning’s Web-based  interface, the processing center can get timely access to missing information about a transaction or a payee that will speed the transaction along.


Images of transactions requiring customer input are online within Decisioning’s Web interface. Customers then make a pay/no-pay decision on the item, or provide the information required to process the item further. Customers are notified via e-mail, pager, or another alerting mechanism whenever a decision needs to be made, with follow-up reminders until an action is taken. Customers also have the ability to tailor the frequency and expiration dates for these convenient notifications.


ImageScan’s Decisioning makes it easier than ever for you to get more deposits handled quickly according to your customers’ unique requirements. It puts the final decision on complex or questionable items into the hands of the end customer, reducing processing errors. And by handling the process online, with immediate notifications and follow-up reminders, Decisioning reduces the need for time-consuming telephone conversations or fax exchanges between center and customer. That means lower expenses and fewer delays at the processing center — and lower error rates and improved, customized service for customers.