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If you’re a direct marketer, publisher, or mail-order processor, you know that forms play a critical role in your business success. Most are designed to attract a high response rate from a target audience, but you also need to achieve efficient processing, both to stay profitable in your business and to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible. And while your direct-response offer is scrutinized and test marketed for best results with your audience, it may not be optimized for processing – and that’s where ImageScan’s RemitTrac® comes in. We’ll help you meet your transaction processing challenges with ease.


  • The workflow and tools provided are specifically designed for fast template development by your own operations staff. Extensive menus use check boxes to eliminate the need for custom programming or release scripts.  That means new forms or payment types are brought into production quickly.
  • The RemitTrac® solution provides real-time access for research and export tools for image, index, and data hand-off.
  • The ROI is compelling and payback very short through reduced labor for pre-sort and reduced data entry costs. 
  • Additional value is gained through reduced errors, faster order shipment, faster bank deposits, and more efficient processing of exceptions. 
  • Time and costs of setting up new applications and new form types are substantially reduced, thus providing your marketing department with greater flexibility for campaigns, allowing for more creative marketing and increased response rates. 
  • An efficient, well tuned remittance processing system is becoming increasingly more critical for success in your industry.

RemitTrac® for Fulfillment can be tailored for your processing volume and specific need.  It is powerful and scalable and can grow and evolve with your business. It is suited to centralized high volume sites or it can capture transaction information at remote sites for processing elsewhere.


  • Reduction or elimination of sorting by campaign types
  • Accurate data capture, including names, addresses, and additional information from email addresses to shirt sizes
  • Handwritten instructions or requests for cancellation often found in the margins of these forms are identified and the data captured
  • Varying options such as check, credit card or even “bill me later” payments can be reconciled with the order
  • Exceptions and missing information are handled efficiently
  • Fast presentation of highlighted fields so operators do not have to navigate forms
  • Enlarged images of the fields being entered are presented
  • Auto-fill of dates, zip code/city and application specific fields to eliminate keystrokes
  • “Hot keys” and programmable function keys fill data
  • Quality Assurance (double-key every nth document) tracks statistical errors
  • Integrated business rules flag errors in real-time
  • Integrated workflow routes exceptions to supervisor while the operator continues
  • Image data entry that can be made remotely over the web
  • Tools can redact certain data fields from view for security reasons
  • Multiple entry passes (different fields by different operators) for increased security and performance
  • Comprehensive production statistics and detailed reporting

Please contact us to find out more about how RemitTrac® can enhance your bottom line or you can find additional information here.