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Solution Features

> The RemitTrac® Difference

The RemitTrac® platform goes beyond conventional document imaging and payment processing systems to provide you with a flexible solution that will meet even the most intense transaction processing demands.  Because of its efficiency, you will not need to consider outsourcing to an offshore facility as with conventional systems.  Our proprietary technology enhances industry leading recognition engines so that our "kill rates" are the best in the industry and the cost to get to 100% accuracy is the lowest. Ask us how and why.

Most payment processing systems can handle straight-through check-payment transactions. In these cases,  the documents are predictable in size and layout. However, when presented with mixed documents, other systems have to split and batch-process transactions into separate streams, bringing them back together later in the process.  This results in many needless manual, error- prone steps in the process.

That’s not the case with ImageScan’s RemitTrac®, which safely and efficiently processes all documents together, allowing you to handle an entire transaction of mixed sizes and formats in a secure, convenient, and continuous stream.

In addition, RemitTrac® has intelligent workflow management, document imaging, ICR/OCR and CAR/LAR/MCAR capabilities that allow flexible, rules-based processing -- without the need to employ programmers to make changes to a form or template being processed.  All applications run on the same platform and many different hardware options can be integrated to address specific needs.  This makes RemitTrac® far superior in terms of its flexibility, ease-of-use and scalability.

Technology Overview

Our RemitTrac®  Solutions are secure, scalable, flexible and modular so that the system can grow with your needs.  Your Web-based data can be conveniently researched and securely viewed from any location. All products run on the same platform under a Microsoft .NET environment and can share hardware resources.

Key Technology Features & Benefits

  • Industry standard Microsoft Windows .NET environment
  • Fully integrated with easy communication to other platforms
  • Web-based access and communications
  • A true client/server multi-tasking environment
  • Transport flexibility-You can mix and match transports to your specific needs
  • Imports images scanned on other systems
  • High-speed or lower speed remote capture, all with true image workflow
  • Designed for remote capture with centralized security, controls and processes
  • Remote sites can share processing power
  • Best-of-breed hardware combines to make a powerful but affordable solution

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