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Check 21 - Electronic Check Presentment

> Using ECP for submitting images to the paying bank under the "Check Clearing Act for the 21st Century".


The "Check 21 Act" came into effect in October 2004 and facilitates check truncation and electronic check exchange by authorizing a negotiable instrument – the "substitute check." The Check 21 Act fosters innovation in the check collection system and improvements in the overall efficiency of the nation's payments system. Under Check 21, the "truncating bank" can legally create substitute checks, also known as Image Replacement Documents (IRDs), for presentment to those banks unable to accept deposits in electronic ANSI 9.37 format. ImageScan’s Check 21 solutions, an integral part of the RemitTrac comprehensive payment processing platform, helps financial institutions seize the advantages and efficiencies afforded by Check 21. ImageScan's RemitTrac integrates Check 21 into the normal image-based workflow as a single solution for deposits, transmissions and reports.


Using ImageScan’s Check 21 module, images of the checks, as well as MICR line data are captured during the Image Capture process. ImageScan’s Image Capture process ensures image legibility for IRD creation, archive, research, and customer service. Once image quality is ensured, the paper checks are truncated from the workflow. The transactions are then processed through RemitTrac’s normal image-based lockbox processing workflow. Following the completion of transaction balancing, an electronic check presentment file is generated, replacing the existing paper deposit process.


ImageScan’s Check 21 solutions leverage your investment in imaging technology, by providing you and your customer a faster and more efficient check collection process, reducing courier fees and transport time, lowering risk of lost items due to less handling, and promoting earlier fraud detection. ImageScan's Check 21 solutions provide you with an opportunity to capitalize on other technologies such as Distributed Capture. Implement ImageScan’s Check 21 solutions and become a part of the community that helps establish the foundation for payment system efficiency that can be implemented industry wide.