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Tax Payments & Collection

“ImageScan provided us with the most trouble-free installation we have ever had and their solution has dramatically reduced backlog and lowered our costs”
Manager, Federal Revenue Operations Site

> Overview

Tax and other revenue processing operations for most federal, state or municipal agencies are a cyclical, paper-driven business that present many constantly evolving challenges. During peak processing periods, it is not uncommon for check payments to be backlogged for days, or even weeks.  The cost of lost interest for even a short deposit delay can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year at a time when agencies are faced with increasing labor, training and outsourcing costs and when budget cuts and hiring freezes are the norm. 

Leveraging its experience supporting large, complex payment lockbox operations, ImageScan’s RemitTrac® system is designed to solve these intense challenges easily and efficiently.


  • Fast, accurate and manageable collections processes allowing same day deposits
  • Any document type can be handled
  • New forms can be setup by your own staff rather than outside vendors or programmers
  • Delivers a compelling  return on investment through increase efficiency
  • Real-time access for research and tools for exporting image, index and data to all major document management repositories
  • Refund documents are expedited with reduced penalties and lower inquiry levels

Powerful Features

  • Pre-sorting categories for check only, documents with checks and documents without checks
  • Extensive support for remote transactions
  • Form processing flexibility
  • Customizable tools for prioritizing tax types
  • Uses distributed capture for remote sites

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