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Non-Profit Organizations

Our error rate dropped in the very first weeks, and that serious backlog? It’s gone. Now, every donation to Salesian Missions is processed the day it’s received. No other system could have handled this. ”

Processing Center Manager, Salesian Missions

> Overview

As a non-profit organization, you want to be able to receive and efficiently process donations any way you receive them.

We know these desires are often complicated by a steady stream of transactions that arrive as coins, paper currency, checks, money orders and credit card numbers.  Donors' instructions may be written almost anywhere on return forms or as separate letters. The money then must often be credited to multiple accounts and projects.  And, of course, there’s the ever-important issue of proper tax recording for each payment processed.

ImageScan’s RemitTrac® solves these challenges and more, while at the same time automating processing and providing an impressive ROI.

RemitTrac® for Non-Profit® is ideally suited to the complex data gathering and transaction processing of your operation.  By combining document scanning equipment, industry leading recognition engines, and ImageScan’s intelligent workflow management you can process this work with dramatically enhanced data gathering and much lower costs.  We have solutions for both high volume centralized processing operations or for those that collect donations at multiple locations. In short we can tailor RemitTrac® for Non-Profits to suit your specific needs.


  • Record the donation and the donor instructions as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Handle donations of any type
  • Custom credit donations to multiple accounts and projects
  • Issue proper tax recording of each payment processed
  • Deposit the funds with prompt availability and lower cost
  • Extract any marketing- or solicitation-related data that may be useful for future fund raising activities 

Powerful Features

  • Reduction or elimination of sorting by campaign types
  • Accurate data capture, including names, addresses and additional information from email addresses to shirt sizes
  • Handwritten instructions from donors are often included on correspondence. This information can be interpreted and the data captured
  • Varying options such as check, credit card or even “bill me later” payments can be reconciled with the commitment to donate
  • Exceptions and missing information are handled efficiently
  • Fast presentation of highlighted fields so operators do not have to navigate forms
  • Enlarged images of the fields being entered are presented
  • Auto-fill of dates, zip code/city and application specific fields to eliminate keystrokes
  • “Hot keys” and programmable function keys fill data
  • Quality Assurance (double-key every nth document) tracks statistical errors
  • Integrated business rules flag errors in real-time
  • Integrated workflow routes exceptions to supervisor while the operator continues
  • Image data entry that can be made remotely over the web
  • Tools can redact certain data fields from view for privacy/security reasons
  • Multiple entry passes (different fields by different operators for increased security and performance
  • Comprehensive production statistics and detailed reporting
  • Solutions for a wide variety of processing volumes

To see what we achieved for one of our customers who had a challenging processing situation please see our Non-Profit Case Study on the Salesian Missions installation. For more information on this solution,  click here.