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“We wanted a state-of-the-art system, state-of-the-art services, and software that could meet the needs of our most demanding customers,”

"As the bank evolves toward a true wholetail processing operation, ImageScan was the one vendor that could start that evolution process today."

SVP of Bank.

When an institution the size of this bank enhances its payment processing operations, it faces a doubly difficult project. First, it must identify systems that will improve all of its current operation’s complex needs and bring an immediate, tangible payoff in productivity and product quality. At the same time, it must ensure that today’s investment will be the right step toward the future, and will adapt to the new technologies and customer expectations that are sure to emerge in coming years. Technological dead-ends penalize not only a bank’s current financial health, but also its long-term ability to create industry-leading products.

This was precisely the situation the bank faced when deciding to upgrade its nationwide wholesale lockbox operations. Of course, the bank wanted to realize a return on its investment in the form of performance: higher productivity and increased customer satisfaction. But it also wanted to lay the technological groundwork to expand its capabilities for intelligent data recognition of an ever expanding array of incoming wholesale documents. It wanted to prepare for new options in Internet delivery of information to its customers through a flexible archive that includes images of all incoming documents and payments. Finally, the bank wanted a single system that could ultimately encompass retail payments as well as wholesale — In other words, a true wholetail operation. Ultimately, the bank identified ImageScan’s RemitTrac® as the only system that fulfilled its daunting list of requirements. Only RemitTrac® proved to be strong enough for today’s applications, and flexible enough to accommodate tomorrow’s technological advances.

Today’s Challenge: Industrial-Strength Efficiency

The bank’s network of lockbox sites stretches across the country — from Boston to Los Angeles.

Each of these sites may handle up to two million transactions per month. With an operation that large and geographically diverse, upgrading the lockbox operation is an intricate and pressured undertaking. Efficiency is particularly important for a bank of the bank’s size. In today’s electronic age, the competition for corporate customers is intense. When a bank handles greater volumes of transactions in less time and with less of the expensive equipment needed to reconcile statements, checks and other paperwork, corporate product offerings become more competitive and more profitable. In addition, by depositing checks more quickly, the bank is better able to leverage its float. As with any major transition, the demands on technology are significant. Bank customers expect uninterrupted service; product and sales managers push to introduce new offerings as quickly as possible; and management wants everything finished on time and on budget. “We wanted a state-of-the art system, state-of-the-art services, and software that could meet the needs of our most demanding customers,” recalls , the Bank’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Check and Document Solutions. “And not only did we want a better product offering for them, we needed to operate more efficiently.”

 Fortunately, the bank’s managers could observe RemitTrac® operating at more than twenty different locations, under - taking tasks similar to the bank’s at similar volumes. “One thing the bank certainly noticed was that after so many installations, ImageScan had become good at implementation,” says ImageScan Regional Sales Manager Eric Johnson. In addition, ImageScan’s flexibility allows for simpler, faster implementations than does any other system. “Banks place a high priority on reliability and scalability,” says ImageScan President Andrew Lindseth. “They’ve relied on large mainframe systems for payment processing. Coming from that environment, they know that client-server technology can do more things, but are concerned about the strength and flexibility of a small-footprint system. But then they see the system in operation, they meet our people, they visit our customers, and probe our expertise. That brings them around.”

Before implementing RemitTrac®, the bank ran its lockbox operations on VAX minicomputers running multiple versions of BancTec software and BancTec 9600s. “We wanted to implement a true two-pass workflow as well as give our customers access to images of their documents at any time,” says the bank Vice President of Remittance Processing . “We wanted a full solution, not just a patch.” With ImageScan, the bank moved to a consistent client-server, PC-based platform managing a complete two-pass workflow. It also implemented RemitTrac® in conjunction with NCR’s state-of-the-art iTran 8000 check transport — its first installation in a large bank. As a result, processing volume on each transport increased from 800 to 12,000 items per hour –a 15-fold increase in productivity.

Tomorrow’s Challenge:

Growing With Technology
Efficiency today wasn’t enough. the bank also wanted the ability to archive images of all processed transactions, and to make that archive available to its customers in whatever Internet-based applications they wanted. RemitTrac® met this need, not only because it’s the industry leading application in capturing and scanning payment documents, but because of its flexibility in developing interfaces to virtually every major available Web application. “We’ve been getting customers to the Internet since 1997. But we don’t lock you into one set of tools or applications,” observes ImageScan’s Johnson. “Moving to the Internet, you don’t have to do things the ImageScan way – you can do things your way. And you’re prepared for future developments as they emerge.” That flexibility is apparent in the way ImageScan implements the latest developments in scanning technologies. Through its alliance with Captiva Software, ImageScan constantly adopts and integrates the latest capabilities in forms recognition, OCR, ICR, and data scanning. As better recognition engines become available, ImageScan’s flexible, modular approach will enable the bank to implement them quickly — and thus move even more of its complex, manually processed payments into an efficient, automated workflow. In addition, ImageScan already supports the widest range of scanning hardware of any processing software vendor, and is pledged to maintain this advantage as hardware advances. RemitTrac®’s ability to let the bank take full, immediate advantage of NCR’s iTran 8000 check transport is just one example. Finally, ImageScan is the one vendor able to immediately begin evolving the bank toward offering true wholetail operations, because only the RemitTrac® product suite can process nearly any type of paper or electronictransaction, wholesale or retail, using one user interface and one database. “Banks looking toward a unified platform for all their payment processing really have a great choice right now,” observes ImageScan’s Lindseth. “We’re the one industry player today with wholetail systems in place that actually work as customers envision and demand, and that deliver the benefits that wholetail can deliver.”

Results of the bank Program: a 1500% Increase
the bank Wholesale Productivity
(items per hour, each transport)
Before ImageScan= 800 per hr.
With ImageScan =12,000 per hr.