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A large East Coast bank is using ImageScan’s Decisioning and Notification module for RemitTrac© to reduce costs, increase profitability and improve customer service.

THE PRODUCT: Decisioning and Notification, is a RemitTrac© module that helps banks and other financial institutions increase efficiency, productivity and profitability while simultaneously improving customer service. The Decisioning feature automatically notifies a customer when an exception occurs and gives them the information needed to make quick, accurate and informed decisions in real time without disturbing site operations. The event-triggered Notification feature keeps customers abreast of critical accounts receivable events in real time.

THE CHALLENGE: This large East Coast bank needed a cost-effective, automated and easy-to-use solution to speed up the way its property  management, mortgage origination, insurance and banking customers deal with exceptions. Its existing communication methods—phone calls, faxes and mail communications were dated, time consuming, expensive and intrusive. This bank prided itself on exceeding customer expectations, providing top-notch service and going the extra mile. RemitTrac© was the perfect solution because it allowed customers to list up to 10,000 rules and specify how virtually every transaction was to be handled. Despite RemitTrac’s© flexibility, there were always exceptions. These were often handled manually as most of the bank’s customers wanted to make their own decisions on how to deal with partial payments, missing account numbers and other exceptions.

As well as handling exceptions, many of the bank’s customers also wanted to be notified when specific transactions took place. These could include deposits over a certain amount, payments from valued or otherwise special clients, or credits that needed attention.  The bank’s requirements were specific: the solution had to be cost-effective, flexible, easy-to-use and offer real-time decisioning. RemitTrac© not only met these criteria, but it also had a proven track record and was in use by many other financial institutions.

THE SOLUTION: The bank considered several solutions and chose the RemitTrac© Decisioning and Notification module because it reduced the burden on staff and clients by automating the decisioning and notification process. Instead of phoning, faxing or manually returning the item when an exception occurred, the Decisioning and Notification module automatically notifies the customer by email that a transaction needs attention, and directs them to a secure Web page where the item can be viewed and dealt with in real time.

This lets the bank’s customers make their own decisions and apply their own business rules and formulas to items that require judgment calls. The Decisioning and Notification module gives customers faster access to their funds because missing information can be provided instantly—while simultaneously saving the financial institution money by eliminating the need to physically return items to customers or contact them directly. One of the module’s unique features is its ability to check and filter information that customers enter. As data is entered, it’s added to the central database. Should the same situation arise again, the system knows how to deal with it; meaning the customer does not have to be notified a second time.

THE BENEFITS. Speed, fewer errors, and lower costs

CUSTOMERS: Benefits to the bank’s customers include:

  • Access to timely, accurate information
  • A seamless connection between their treasury staff and the bank’s employees
  • Automated notifications
  • The ability to make fast, easy decisions for previously difficult transaction problems
  • Faster availability of funds as items no longer need to be physically returned to customers.

THE BANK: Benefits to the bank include:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Streamlined handling of exceptions according to each customer’s unique requirements
  • Better customer service
  • Increased efficiency
  • Potential new revenue sources


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