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TCM Unify


The best solution on the market today, TCM Unify provides the ability to acquire, aggregate, normalize and manage images and/or data from any application, small or large. An organization will immediately benefit from a single point of integration for content captured via internal or external sources.

 Once images and/or data are ingested into this robust solution, extraction of critical data sets through automation and business rule engines consolidate financial and non-financial transaction to provide enriched data for all lines of business within your organization and can also be extended out to your clients. For further benefits, apply value-added services to any and all images and/or data ingested in a common workflow regardless if it is a capture-to-process or capture-to-archive environment. Value-added services such as recognition utilities, exceptions management toolkits, risk mitigation capabilities or remote input and perfection are available in pre-packaged or configurable modules.
Clients have expeditiously employed the power of TCM Unify in unique ways to fit their business needs, meet client expectations, extend product life cycles, or augment existing services. With TCM Unify, clients have not only transformed the management of payment streams, but have also broken down information silos within their own organizations, as well as provided enhanced business intelligence solutions to their clients.

Once unheard of features and functions such as multibank reporting, archive integration, processing of stranded payments, single view archive and management of multiple payment channels, international currency clearing, among many others, are all now possible on a single layered solution with TCM Unify.