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Non-profit Solution Details

ImageScan specializes in solutions that process complex, paper-based payment transactions with speed and precision that enable you to keep you processing costs down, so that most is made of every donated dollar.  Often, donation coupons arrive with handwritten instructions, or tucked into letters detailing the giver’s intentions. But the challenge goes deeper than that: Every new fundraising effort might require a new and different remittance coupon, or no coupon at all. Yet, the payments must be processed accurately and quickly to keep your charitable or educational efforts running smoothly.  RemitTrac® for Non-Profits can handle these sorts of challenges.

The first step is to sort and then image batches of documents that comprise the donations. RemitTrac® requires only three sorts – check only, document only, or mixed checks and documents.  No sorting by full pay, partial, multi’s etc. is required. Depending on the nature of your operation, our solution suite offers low volume inexpensive desktop scanners for collecting donation information at multiple locations or larger high speed transports for high volume sites.  From remote locations the images of documents, checks, credit card information, envelopes and correspondence etc can then be electronically routed to a central processing site where operators complete the processing under strict procedural controls and security.

Once they have been run though the transport, check images are automatically read through highly tuned CAR/LAR (Courtesy Amount Read/Legal Amount Read), MCAR (Enhanced Machine-Courtesy Amount Read) recognition engines, with amounts validated through high speed Image Amount Entry and Amount Reconciliation.  The amount validation can be from a scan line, account number, check-box amount, common amount or entered amount.  This assures that the donation amounts are accurate and balanced to accompanied order documents in the most efficient manner possible.   As a final step checks can be encoded for deposit before or after completion of the remaining data capture.  Deposits can then be made via image (Check 21), Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) or by credit card. In this last case authorization responses are attached to the transactions. 

For capturing all other data fields from donors’ documents, Optical Character Recognitions (OCR) or bar-code can be used to capture campaign codes, account numbers or other pre-printed data.  Check-box recognition can be used to identify donation preferences or selections.  Although hand-print OCR is available, handwritten correspondence does not lend itself to accurate hand-print OCR. In this case, accurate, fast, key-from-image data entry is the best way to successfully process these forms.  Examples of the key from image workflow that enhances efficiency include:

  • Fast presentation of highlighted fields so operators do not have to navigate forms
  • Enlarged images of the fields being entered are presented
  • Auto-fill of dates, zip code/city and application specific fields to eliminate keystrokes
  • “Hot keys” and programmable function keys that fill data
  • Quality Assurance (double-key every nth document) to track statistical errors
  • Integrated business rules that flag errors in real-time
  • Integrated workflow that routes exceptions to supervisor while the operator continues
  • Image data entry that can be made remotely over the web
  • Tools that can redact certain data fields from view for security reasons
  • Multiple entry passes (different fields by different operators for increased security and performance
  • Comprehensive production statistics and detailed reporting

We are confident that our solution can improve the efficiency of your operation.   Remember that it is the cost to get 100% accuracy that is important not just OCR read rates.  Please contact us to find out how we can help you.