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> Process your paper EOB's with greater efficiency and accelerate cash availability

The RemitTrac® EOB system uses scanners and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) to image and interpret the paper EOB. It then automatically classifies different documents based on logos, words, phrases or any combination of the three.  Conventional imaging systems try to use templates to extract data, but since forms differ significantly from payer to payer, this rarely works very well if at all.  All of these factors make it very difficult for the provider – even when using trained human operators – to interpret the data into a meaningful format to capture, and these other document  imaging systems do not provide a complete solution.

That’s where ImageScan’s RemitTrac® comes in. We offer a HIPAA-compliant, high-speed EOB processing system that can largely eliminate the mountain of paper and reduce the processing backlog created by billions of paper claims and EOBs (Explanation of Benefit - sometimes known as EOP or Explanation of Payment) generated each year. 

The net result is a significant reduction in AR days outstanding, improved cash flow and lower costs.  This system also works in tandem with other RemitTrac® features so that you can leverage your existing investment in hardware.  This specialized solution can recognize what form is being processed and locate the required data on the page --  regardless of the number of patients per page, line-items per patient, or whether patient information crosses multiple pages. 

Once the recognition engine is applied and the information is captured, RemitTrac® validates data (e.g. dates, social security numbers, claim number) for operator edit.  In addition, HIPAA information such as National Identifiers or Procedure Codes can be validated as well. 

RemitTrac® can then balance the transaction in different ways: line item detail to patient total, patient balance to doctor total, and doctor total to EOB total.  Unlike other EOB solutions on the market, RemitTrac® can process in the standard workflow and gives the processing site total control over changes. RemitTrac® allows for the creation and modification of forms to be done for the processing site in hours not days.  In addition 837 Claim data can be displayed along side the remittance data, facilitating re-billing or re-submission of claims that have been denied or partially paid.  The final step is the creation of an 835 remittance advice that can be posted directly to your patient accounting and other financial systems.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you process your EOB’s more efficiently