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Corporate Payments & REMOTE CHECK DEPOSIT


We are confident that our solutions can improve the efficiency of your receivables collection process, IMPROVE CASH FLOW and compliance while lowering costs

Whether you have most of your payments processed by a bank lock box operation, or use a labor intensive process to enter payment data at various remote locations or at a central site, Corporate RemitTrac® will improve the efficiency of the process and lower your costs.

ImageScan specializes in solutions that process complex, paper-based payment transactions with speed and precision and enable you to eliminate most pre-sorting of corporate payments in whatever form.  Most of your customers will use a different remittance document and often have accompanying correspondence or other documents.  Most imaging systems cannot readily extract all the data from a varied stream of paperwork and the end result is delays in reconciling and posting the information, delayed receipt of cash and much manual labor to key the data.

Corporate RemitTrac® can be tailored to your specific needs. 

For example low cost desktop imaging devices to handle remote check deposits can be located at the points of receipt such as branch offices or retail/distribution locations that accept checks. Documents including checks can be imaged there with data transmitted to a central processing location and the paying bank in Check 21 format. Alternatively if you receive most of your payments at a specific location a high volume solution can be configured there or a combination of low volume and high volume sites can also be accommodated.  These low cost desktop imaging devices can also be used to image other non-payment related documents if you so choose.

Payment Work Flow

Incoming documents are batched and sorted for either a high speed or desktop scanner. The sorts are reduced to three categories check only, checks with documents, and document only regardless of what form size or type, whether there are scan-lines, or if there are multiple checks to a transaction.  Each transaction is then reconciled and balanced individually and by batch. In a central processing site using the latest mixed document transports from IBML and OPEX, and high-speed transports from NCR, checks are accurately identified and physically sorted to special pockets on the transports.   Watch RemitTrac® in action.

Once they have been run though the transport, check images are automatically read through highly tuned CAR/LAR (Courtesy Amount Read/Legal Amount Read), MCAR (Enhanced Machine-printed Amount Recognition), with amounts validated through high speed Image Amount Entry and Amount Reconciliation.  The amount validation can be from a scan line, account number, check-box amount, common amount or entered amount.  This assures that checks are accurate and balanced to accompanied order documents in the most efficient manner possible.   As a final step checks can be encoded for deposit before or after completion of the remaining data capture.  Deposits can then be made via image (Check 21), Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC) or by credit card. In this last case authorization responses are attached to the transactions. 

Marketing and Financial Data

For capturing other data fields from your payments, Optical/Intelligent Character Recognition engines (OCR/ICR) or bar-codes can be used to capture marketing campaign information, account numbers or other pre-printed data.  Check-box recognition can be used to identify order preferences or selections.  Although hand-print OCR is available, most payment documents do not lend themselves to accurate hand-print OCR. In this case, accurate, fast, key-from-image data entry is the key to successful processing of these transactions.  Examples of the key from image workflow that enhances efficiency include:

  • Fast presentation of highlighted fields so operators do not have to navigate forms
  • Enlarged images of the fields being entered are presented
  • Auto-fill of dates, zip code/city and application specific fields to eliminate keystrokes
  • “Hot keys” and programmable function keys that fill data
  • Quality Assurance (double-key every nth document) to track statistical errors
  • Integrated business rules that flag errors in real-time
  • Integrated workflow that routes exceptions to supervisor while the operator continues
  • Image data entry that can be made remotely over the web
  • Tools that can redact certain data fields from view for security reasons
  • Multiple entry passes (different fields by different operators for increased security and performance
  • Comprehensive production statistics and detailed reporting

Sarbanes/Oxley, Risk Management and Compliance

Because our payments solutions were designed to incorporate strict controls and security you can be confident that your policies and procedures are being implemented and that the data captured is very accurate. In this manner those responsible can be more confident in attesting to and signing off on the accuracy of data presented and that their policies, controls and procedures have been precisely implemented.

We are confident that our solutions can improve the efficiency of your operation and business profitability.  Please contact us to find out how we can help you.